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Recovery and Reading

So, one has only recently recovered from another tussle with that most pernicious of ailments - the Man Cold.

I fear that it may have mutated as this time I was laid low for five days rather than the usual three. To make matters worse my wonderfully attentive nurse, Salsa Girl, has found that the Man Cold has been able to jump the gender barrier - although her version comes with far less whinging than the one I was struck down with.

Anyway to take your minds off the impending plague ridden mutant-Man-Cold doom the world is facing I shall inform you of my latest read which I managed to finish whilst in the throes of my illness.

It was Down the Bright Way by Robert Reed. I found it quite the interesting dimension hopping premise with some quite intriguing characters and implications for the whole set-up. Well worth a read.

While trying to decide upon my next read it came down to a choice between ArchEnemy's must read book and Fantomas's must not read volume. Of course I chose the must not read out of fascination for the horrible (and, one must admit, a little for the exasperation of ArchEnemy).

Only time shall tell whether I can finish the book or follow in Fantomas's footsteps and add another abandoned read to my tally - although falling asleep on page 2 last evening may give somewhat of an indication which way things will pan out...

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